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A Safe Creative Environment for Artist of Color.

BlkMrktClt is a Gallery & Studio space based in Charlotte, NC that provides a safe and supportive creative environment for local photographers and artists of color. Our mission is to empower these artists by offering access to resources, connections, and guidance, and to promote their work through exhibitions, events, and another programming. We believe in the transformative power of art to inspire, connect, and heal communities, and we are committed to amplifying the voices and perspectives of artists who have been historically underrepresented in the mainstream art world. Through our work, we aim to foster a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse creative landscape in Charlotte and beyond.


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If you would like to support the studio and all of our art education, gallery shows, and upcoming projects please feel free to do so. Any amount is appreciated and if you would like to personally contact us to make a specific donation or have questions about having your donations become tax deductable with our partner Non-Profit please don't hesitate to email us now!

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Meet the Team

I came into this wanting to create my ow

Carey J. King



Carla Lopez

Mixed Media, Photography, Educator

Sir Will (Simplisticphobia) co-owner

Video Production, Photography, Creative Consultant

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Dammit Wesley

Painter, Graphic Designer


Brands We Worked With

from creative clientele to users of our space

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Nu Growth Exhibition Series

Nu Growth is a Series That Showcases Artists of Color Throughout Their Development

BLKMRKTCLT is celebrating its four-year anniversary a little differently this year by shining light on six local, Black women artists.

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Fluorescent Brown

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Intimate Chaos

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Local Honey


Lost, Found, & Freed



August 6th, 2021

Jamila Brown and Wabwila Mugala specialize in mixed media using fabrics and textiles.

Jamila Brown is a photographic mixed media artist based in North Carolina.  Her work digs through layers of Self and ancestral guidance amidst the realities they inhabit.  Using various methods, including writing, painting, and fibers, the work delves into delicate complexities that seek a reckoning with what is both apparent on the surface and what lies hidden beneath.

Wabwila Mugala is a mixed media artist born in Zambia and currently based in North Carolina. Having moved often during  her early life, her work explores the ways we navigate inside and outside of cultures. Her work reconciles with defining her own lived experience, her own culture without guilt and imposed identity that comes with existing in-between communities.

July 30th, 2021

Naje' specializes in charcoal and acrylic portraits.

Hello! I’m Naje’ and welcome to Lost, Found, and Freed. Lost, Found, and Freed is a response to how I have found myself as an artist and as a black woman. This show is a visual walk-through of the black girls and women who have inspired me through their strength, fearlessness, and pure badassness. My work is a response to black feminism, to the resilience and strength of black women, the unfair beauty standards placed on black women, black womanhood, black sisterhood, black motherhood, and black joy.

July 23rd, 2021

Kalin Devone specializes in oil and acrylic paintings.

Kalin Devone is an oil painter in Charlotte, NC. Her work focuses on portraiture and abstraction using hypnotic swirling shapes. Local Honey is a series based on the introspection and personal perspective of her personalities and emotions.

July 16th, 2021

 Mara Robbin specializes in mixed media using collage and photography.

Relationships rarely are as simple as we oftentimes imagine that would or should be. My series entitled “Intimate Chaos” is a partially satirical depiction of intimacy intertwined with chaos and all that is derived from this union in between. Through mixed media collage and photo series, experience vulnerability, lust, and sensuality. 

July 9th, 2021

Jessica Dunston specializes in analog photography in medium format and 35mm.

My work is a constant love affair with brown skin. It is a fluid conversation with tones: the reds, oranges, yellows, purples, and blues that dance below the beiges and browns. It is an investigation into our melanin’s richness and depth. And it is because of this that I’m no analog photography purist—I edit my work, particularly the colors, in whatever way is needed to amplify the divinity and glow of my subject.

Co-sponsored by The Light Factory and Project Rough Cuts, the work of Jessica Dunston, Mara Robbin, Kalin Devone, Jamea Marlowe, Jamila Brown and Wabwila Mugala will be showcased within the Black-owned gallery every Friday in July and the first Friday in August from 6:00-9:00 PM EST.

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