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Jamila Brown & Wabwilam


August 6th, 2021

Jamila Brown is a photographic mixed media artist based in North Carolina.  Her work digs through layers of Self and an ancestral guidance amidst the  realities they inhabit.  Using various methods, including writing, painting and fibers, the work delves into delicate complexities that seek a reckoning with what is both apparent on the surface and what lies hidden beneath.


Photographic mixed media on fabrics & canvas, w/ paint & fibers

Wabwila Mugala is a mixed media artist born in Zambia and currently based in North Carolina. Having moved often during  her early life, her work explores the ways we navigate inside and outside of cultures. Her work reconciles with defining her own lived experience, her own culture without guilt and imposed identity that comes with existing in-between communities.


Mixed Media

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